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about pol path

POL Path (Physician Office Laboratory) was designed specifically for in-office pathology labs in urology, gastroenterology and dermatology physicians’ offices. It is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that utilizes drop down menus to eliminate typographical errors and reduce manual double entry. As you add to these lists, the system actually becomes more intuitive and useful as time goes on.

New thinking...With so many specialty physicians’ offices realizing the money that can be saved in pathology, more and more are building and staffing their own labs. From the need for a basic database management system to manage specimens and produce an easy to read, professional report came POL Path. With all the headaches that come from accrediting, building, staffing and eventually running these labs, it's nice to know that you have a reporting software that molds to your needs and makes your life easier, not one that forces you to mold to it.

80/20 Rule...Our main thinking for the drop down menus to increase efficiency came from the standard 80/20 rule. Given that 80% of the specimens tested typically use 20% of the diagnoses, there is no need to manually type or dictate each one. Instead, using our unique diagnosis code matrix, cases can be read, diagnosed and signed out in record time, reducing turnaround and elevating patient care.

We have many satisfied labs around the country, from 3 doctor urology groups in California to 51 doctor GI groups in Texas. POL Path can scale to your needs. Our dedicated staff works with your lab to customize your LIS from the minute it is installed. We come to you for each installation and work with your staff, training them so they are comfortable using it when it is time for your lab to go live.

Don't waste time with manual reports, dictation, or EMR add-ons that don't do exactly what your lab needs. Contact us today and see what POL Path can do for you.